A community of women coming together to empower women and girls in need globally.


Girl Power Hour Radio is an international lifestyle show. Designed to compel and guide women and girls toward greater achievement in business, philanthropy, individuality, and leadership while being inspiring and entertaining. Hosted by Host Motivator Jae Nash.

Girl Power Outreach is a division of Girl Power Hour Radio that seeks to support women and girls all over the world through philanthropic measures. Imagine women coming together as a community to empower women and girls in need globally. That is what we are building with Girl Power Outreach. On February 22nd - February 26th, Girl Power Outreach will embark upon its first global service trip to Haiti; collaborating with The Founder of Atlanta For Haiti Inc. and Global Strategist  Meagan Henry,  professional and highly skilled women from Atlanta will work together to make an impact standing on our core values of strategy, sisterhood, and service. This global service initiative will address the many needs of the people of Carries, Haiti, specifically hundreds of Youth & Teen Girl Orphans.